What is First Base?

First Base is a 3 week class during the 9am service where you will have an opportunity to find out who we are and how you can get plugged in.

What To Expect

Week 1:
Who We Are

A basic introduction to Liberty Church where Pastor Preston and Paige will share our story, cultural values, ministry philosophy, and vision for the future.

Week 2:
Who You Are

Discover what makes you so unique, learn about some of your God-given strengths, and find out where and how you can best utilize those strengths to serve others in the church and in your world. Come prepared as Pastor Frieda will lead you in discovering the spiritual gifts God has placed inside of you.

Week 3:

Christianity is about connecting with God, connecting with others and growing together in community.  This last week is designed to help you learn more about serving, stewardship, and how to be involved by joining our Dream Team!

Upcoming Dates

Check our upcoming events below for future
First Base sessions:

We believe our best days are ahead and God has a great plan for your life!  

First Base Sign-up Form

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