"Someone's eternity is on
the other side of your obedience"

"If you sow it God will grow it,
if you don't sow it He can't grow it"

"Stay in the story"

"Your best days are ahead of you"


Back to School Bash

Sunday, Auguts 21st from 4:00-7:00pm

Calling all our JV and Varsity Students (6th-12th Grade) to join us for our Back to School Bash.

We will be having food and games and a ton of fun in the gym. Followed by worship and a special message in the Auditorium.

Lets be encouraged and challenged to step into all that God has for us as we kick off the new school year.

Special Guests
Harry & Cheryl Salem

Sunday, September 11th

Our friends Harry and Cheryl will be joining us once again on Sunday, September 11th for both services.

We are so honored to have them come back to our house to share and encouraging word. We are so grateful for the miracle or Harry's life as he fought a huge fight with Covid. Continue to pray for his body, strength and energy to be restored.

Both Harry and Cheryl are sought-after ministers, who speak in churches and events across the nation. Harry has a heart for men, preaching and teaching on overcoming issues in life. Cheryl is a popular preacher at ladies events, encouraging women to reach their godly potential, but the focus of Salem Family Ministries is to take this unique, tag-team style of ministry into churches, two by two, to reach families for God, one by one.

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