What is AIM TEAM Camp Internship?

Our internship is our way of training up the next generation of leaders. Equipping them with practical tools that will empower them to be influencers and culture changers wherever they go. Some of these tools include Biblical leadership principles, personal spiritual disciplines, team building, communication, responsibility, time management, how to lead group discussions, tend to others' needs and more.

It is an opportunity for our teenagers to serve, learn, grow and step into their God given calling, talents, gifts and purpose. It is so much fun to see them come out of their shell and become the person God has made them to be, growing in their relationship with Jesus and being an example for the students they're leading.
We want to equip the students for a lifetime of applying what they have learned, far beyond a summer experience!

"Championing leaders changes culture."

-David Warren

Our leadership program teaches students accountability in personal and spiritual disciplines, problem  solving and general stewardship of the talents that God has placed in each individual.

Serving at AIM Team Camp is the culmination of a year serving their local church through kids ministry, fundraising and other church events. Summer camps enable them to put into practice the leadership skills that they have developed through leading games and group activities, as well as practicing public speaking skills.

"I thought I was coming for summer camp, but I left with a new life!"

- Hannah Bledsoe

"I learned how to be a leader of many, and a true follower of Christ all at the same time."

- Allison Poindexter Davis

"Every kid should be able to experience how God can transform their life in a moment because that is what camp did for me."

- Katrina Loge

"I have volunteered at AIM TEAM Camp for six years, and it has grown my character in so many ways. I wish everyone could experience camp"

- David Spradlin
Leadership development for our teenagers. Equipping the next generation.
Tools and skills for life. Life changing experiences.
Friendships and camaraderie.

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